Gaylord Sheppard 2010

                    All games are being played at the State Farm 

                                  Soccer Complex (SFC) in Bernalillo   

                                       (Map and Directions) 


                                    Weekend 2 -- November 20 & 21 


U-14 Gold                                U-14 Silver                            U-15                               U-16                               U 17/18


U-14 Gold                                U-14 Silver                           U 15/16 Gold              U 15/16 Silver                  U 17/18  

(if we have to make changes or updates to the schedule I will add the date of the newest schedule 

next to the link)          

                              Weekend 1 -- November 13 & 14 


U-7 & 8 Mix           U- 8                      U- 9 Gold               U-9 Silver           U-10 Gold               U-10 Silver    

U-11 Gold              U-11 Silver        U-11 Bronze          U-12 Gold           U-12 Silver            U-13 Premier

U-13 Gold              U-13 Silver          U-13 Bronze I        U-13 Bronze II   


U-9 Gold                 U-9 Silver            U-9 Bronze               U-10 Gold      U-10 Silver            U-10 Bronze        

U-11 Gold              U-11 Silver        U-11 Bronze              U-12 Gold       U-12 Silver            U-12 Bronze

U-13 Gold              U-13 Silver           U-13 Bronze




                   Tournament Director - Shiela Beraun


                                           Schedule - Bill Nordin



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