Green   The color means that a change has taken place 
since the web site was last or first published
Dark Gray   Game was terminated due to weather and is being rescheduled
Yellow   This team is going out of town to a tournament and
will not be at that game 
Light   The opponent of the team going out of town or 
Yellow forfeiting
Orange   Matches that are for relegation
for a team that is coming back down to age group to play
Light Orange   Teams playing twice in season / this games does
not count towards next seasons ranking
Light Purple   Means that that game is an non-bracket game
and will not count toward seeding for the next schedule
Means that you play a team that is playing two 
games that day.  Your game will not count towards 
the seating for the next schedule 
Purple   I have discover or have been told of a problem
but have not yet resolved it - this may included a 
protest of the game
Dark Purple   Forfeit
Blue   Means that that team has to play in two games that
day (the second game will only count if it is a 
scheduled make-up game)
Gray / Blue   Playing in the Far West Regional League
Dark Blue   Completed the 4 games needed to referee
Red   Playing in State Cup
Light Red   Teams allowed to play up
Dark Green   U-9 or 10 game played without a certified referee from the
home team
Dark Orange   A team has dropped out of the schedule & I am working on it or I have removed them